Introduction (Basic arguments)

For 20,000 years of human development, we have known the principle of the combustion of mostly carbon-containing substances into carbon dioxide (Co2).
Today, there is growing awareness that the growth of the world's population will gradually lead to alternative energy use to reduce emissions.

The man himself is a bad energy consumer with negative Co2 balance and violates with his massive world population increase, the dynamic balance of the space ship Earth.
The air we breathe is increasingly burdened, particularly in conurbations. The more or less recognizable consciousness grows that the simple carbon-containing combustion processes for the use of energies are not allowed to expand further.

New ideas are needed that enable sustainable energy use with less air pollution.
The so-called alternative energies have hitherto led to a better use of the energy input of the sun.
It would be desirable for the dynamic equilibrium if no more energy were consumed on Earth than the planet supplies Sun daily and energy resources in the Earth's mantle are not exploited.

Another problem is in many regions of the world, the lack of edible potable water. The desalination of seawater in large quantities is a modern development goal with methods of economic systems.
The site offers the following technical engineering developments:
the conditions of the sustainable use of solar energy and water in solution concepts. In doing so, ideas are pursued that are not derived from historically developed concepts, but rather the questions pursued: How great must be a technical plant to lead to acceptable economic units.

In the development years of these questions, plant sizes have been developed, which have hitherto been outside of land-specific building regulations. If you want to convert wind energy into electricity, you need wind-towers with a height of up to 1000 m and a diameter of 700 m. This creates wind-towers designed for strong winds, where each situation harvest and store electricity in a multi-utility concept. An integrated sea water concept can be produced in the most cost-effective way, by evaporation, fresh water.
Learning from nature also means that projects with up to 6 towers can be realized in a hexagonal arrangement. For project development, we record the site-related parameters.
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